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Moments With Strangers I

“Why are we crammed in here?” “I don’t know, they just shouted for us to get in.” “I’m cold and scared, I want my mummy.” “It’s OK little one, come here, have a hug, it will be all right.” “I … Continue reading

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Love At First Sight

We met at a disco, I saw you from afar, Taking in your beauty, To a strumming guitar. When our eyes connected, In the shimmering light, You blushed, turning away, How my hopes took a fright! Too many obstructions, Should … Continue reading

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The Writing Group

Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely intentional… Scene: The half-time break in a writing group in any city near to you.             “Elizabeth, I am sorry to burden you but I found ‘this’ in Tommy’s bag … Continue reading

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Unrequited Love

I am drawn to you Like a moth unto the flame Eternally scarred © Mark Davoren

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