Love At First Sight

first love

We met at a disco,
I saw you from afar,
Taking in your beauty,
To a strumming guitar.

When our eyes connected,
In the shimmering light,
You blushed, turning away,
How my hopes took a fright!

Too many obstructions,
Should I just let it go?
Then there you were again,
So the answer was 'no'.

Across a packed ballroom,
I caught and held your gaze,
You smiled back at me,
My heart was, oh, ablaze!

With a sip of my drink,
Dutch courage to the fore,
The dancing sea parted,
I strode across the floor.

You were my brown-eyed girl,
With long flowing dark hair,
No words needed to pass,
We danced without a care.

So soon the midnight hour,
Time for carriages home,
We kissed. And kissed again,
Our hearts to love succumb.

We planned to meet after,
It never came to be,
When you're both eleven,
You're not totally free.

But fast forward five years,
Our tale doesn't end here,
I'm now working part-time,
You are the new cashier.

As our eyes meet again,
Our spirits at last free,
We both speak from our hearts,
'Do you remember me?'

© Mark Davoren
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