A Love Remembered

view from a train

The numbness of this journey by train

The storm beating on the pane

Scenes flashing by from my past

Deep down I’d known we wouldn’t last


I remember when I first saw you

How I wanted you

My heart skipped a beat

How could we meet?


Your gentle voice humming words

Like the morning song of birds

The playful smile, then the laughter

That always followed after


The lick and curl of each dark hair

Contrasting to a face so fair

Beautiful, round, brown eyes

Looking at me with wonder and surprise


When you smiled at me I knew

No one would ever match you

The fear inside me subsided

As our two hearts collided


Not a thing about you was my type

Oh, you broke that hype

I loved the chase, your capture

Enthralled by rapture


The steadied hand reaching for that first touch

It could never be too much

The joy and thrill when we first kissed

I’d never realised what I’d missed


Upon the curve and arc of each breast

I would stroke and bring my finger to rest

Deeper down to plunder treasure

I’d never known so much pleasure


For a year we played, full of fun

No matter the season, it always shone

Washed over by waves of sweet emotion

I was an island lost in your ocean


The most beautiful woman I ever knew

I was so in love with you

How sad the burden of hurt from your past

Meant we could never last


So as I sit here remembering on this train

To the ‘drum-drum’ of beating rain

In each and every brain cell

Plays out my heaven; and my hell


© Mark Davoren 2014

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