They Said


They said

Everything seems in order

It’s all in your head


They said

Well no more walking then

Use a frame instead


They said

We don’t know what it is

But it’s nothing to dread


They said

Save your energy

Do stretches in bed


They said

Trial medication

We’ve got the go-ahead


They said

Take these supplements

You’re underfed


They said

No more exercises

Just rest in bed


They said

Nothing’s working

Perhaps we’ve been misled?


They said

Your welfare is paramount

You’ll be washed and fed


They said

Can’t you hear us?

We’ll shout instead


They said

We can’t understand you

Ah, it must have spread


They said

Oh, what a shame

Your life hangs by a thread


They said

We can’t help you now

Your account is in the red


They said

And they said

And they said


© Mark Davoren 2016

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