Hoylake Beach


From a clear blue sky

The air hung warm and still

The awakening sun glistened


I lay back along the wall

Enjoying the silence

The absence of any crowd


But the warnings were there

Indications from afar

Of what was coming


Maybe it was the clouds

Slowly floating into sight

hovering and speckling the sky


Or the slight drop in temperature

Not much, nothing to register

But enough to shiver down my spine


My upward glance sought reassurance

The sun now playing hide and seek

Was there a danger unseen?


Trickles of air rushed round me

Deft little touches enough

To make me turn and stare. Where?


The breeze danced into life

To drown a distant throb

That I strained to hear


Little fingers appeared next

Dark and damp across the floor

Their scurrying grip ever stronger


Then the gentle pounding, pounding

Getting closer and closer

Growing louder by each beat


At last the cymbal crashed!

As wave after wave rushed in

All consuming, devastating


One after another after another

A pause to retreat, to reinforce

Then to attack again and again


Nothing was left unturned

Pools of life just rippled away

Before more came flooding in


Even on their wane there was no escape

A different threat from above

Was quick to pick off its prey


It was bloody, it was horrible

My pebbles all thrown in vain

As the sins of this world were washed away


I shrunk back, an attempt to hide

From this crescendo of violence

Destruction wrought at my feet


Yet no sooner had it started it was over

The clouds blew away, the sky was still

The sun beamed in glory to a new victor


And reflections of heaven shimmered

Across the watery grave

A blitzkrieg forgotten and buried away


I jumped down to escape the horror

Pedalled hard to get away

I knew the alarm had to be raised


But no one would believe me

My cries were all in vain

No one cared to see the blood upon the day


But I knew what had unravelled

I knew that war would rage again

And that the world – our world – would never be the same


© Mark Davoren 2017

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