Trojan Horse

Leaping out of the wooden horse, the Greeks slew the Trojans

Thirteen-year old James lives between separated parents. He awakens in the nights to discover things are no longer as they should be and he is now with the Greeks at Troy, 8,000 years ago. His only connection to home is an amulet and its challenge: to save history.

He helps Odysseus, a Greek commander, and they establish a close bond with parallels to his aspiring relationship with his own dad whilst James is a surrogate for the son Odysseus has not seen since leaving Ithaca some nine years earlier.

James is confronted by good and evil within the Greek camp and observes the differing rights and roles of men and women seen through his relationship with a young girl who seems to know more than perhaps she should.

NB: A full book synopsis is available to publishers and agents upon request.

© Mark Davoren 2016



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