Useful Links

You may find the following links of interest – click on the heading to go to each site:

Written Inc. This is the writing group I co-founded and which meets fortnightly on Wednesday’s 7pm – 9pm in Liverpool. The format of meetings is fairly casual with some readings of work, some discussion, and followed by a few drinks. Members can premiere new writing, ask for opinion if they want it, bounce ideas around, or just discuss something great they’ve read.

The Caledonia Fantastic pub in Liverpool where we used to hold our meetings and it hosts some great live music and entertainment most nights of the week.

National Theatre Live If you don’t have a local theatre company or you can’t travel to see some of the great performances then never fear, NT Live is here with its live link-up nationally and internationally with cinema venues to make theatre available to all.

Royal Shakespeare Company Live If Stratford-upon-Avon is out of your reach then don’t worry as RSC Live are also linking up with cinema venues so you can get to see their productions too.

Write Blend Books. Coffee. Space. And countless events in this delightful bookshop in Waterloo, Liverpool which has helped launch many an author on the road to success.


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